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An overview of the various messages we posted on social media in September. Have fun.

6 september 2018, breadexpress

See here the super fast “breadexpress” at Au Passage du Gois. Hemko has bought a new bike a couple of weeks ago. A few times a week he collects the bread for our guests by bike at the bakery in our village.

8 september 2018, the grape harvest in our village

Today we have cleaning today, but we made some time to look at the grape harvest in our village of Once upon a wine (where they do great wine tasting evenings). Also the vin bourru (must) is back in the shops so you would think it is already autumn but nothing is less true; still summer here. We greatly enjoy the lovely weather.

12 september 2018, Traffic jam this morning at Au Passage du Gois

13 september 2018, a beautiful new chair in our studio la Maree

We have a beautiful new chair in our studio la Maree. Wonderful to rest on after a pleasant day or to read a book in the evening. Monique has given our chair a second life. The photographs show how much expertise, love, and especially time has been put into the renovation. It is therefore obviously a great honor to sit on this chair.


18 september 2018, the very last figs of this season

We picked the very last figs of this season in our vegetable garden and made delicious jam and chutney. Very convient that Hemko is so tall!


20 september 2018, Our favorite salt farmer

Our favorite salt farmer Thierry is unstoppable this summer and also his colleagues on our road produce every day still substantial piles of salt in their salt pans. Wonderful such a sunny summer. As long as there is still sun and wind, the salt production will continue for a while


23 september 2018, Preparations season 2019 – update website

3x a photo of the same breakfast last week. We are busy making pictures for new pages on our website (our services, our outings with our guests, facilities for children we propose, General Data Protection Regulation, etc.). If you have any suggestions for additional information or modifications on our website, please let us know.


27 september 2018, digital gadget for the French motorways

Since today we are the proud owners of a digital gadget for the French motorways and we can (if all goes well) just continue driving at the toll booths. Let wait and see 


30 september 2018, a small quiz

For the change a small quiz/question in the category General Knowledge (so no Googling !!!). Hemko took a picture on our parking of an unusual car license plate; from which country were our guests?