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An overview of the various messages we posted on social media in October 2018. Have fun.

4 October 2018, a wonderful summer

Also the summer of 2018 has been wonderful and very sunny. Many thanks to everyone who has stayed with us, joined us on our fishing expeditions and who has dined with us. Look forward to seeing you next year!

6 October 2018, very nice pictures

Claudia from https://www.facebook.com/naturallemand/ has made beautiful pictures of our surroundings last week. We are happy to share them. See the Passage du Gois, the island of Noirmoutier and the coast at Pornic through Claudia’s camera.

14 October 2018

We are already busy with the preparations for next year and have found four 30 cm high lanterns which we wil be hanging above the table d’hote tables. In the meantime we now enjoy them ourselves this winter in the evening😀

18 October 2018, concert in our garden

Close your eyes and listen to what we hear this week; tree frogs looking for a partner. Not a squeak this whole summer, but now we have a lovely concert every day. All pictures are taken in our garden.

21 October 2018, mid October at Au Passage du Gois

ALast week we were busy with our guests as usual, but we also closed our pool for the winter, mowed grass, replaced toilet seats and did some sawing and carpentry jobs and also made our parking lot neat again.
We have also been around in the area for our work; a presentation in relation to e-tourisme in Nantes, day out with local colleagues in tourism, end of the promotion week of the local shopkeepers and a presentation of the new logo and branding for tourism in our region. Today we just hope to enjoy the wonderful weather (20C and 9 hours of sun). Wishing you a nice Sunday as well!

25 October 2018, Go Challans-Gois

Last week a large marketing campaign was launched by our municipality Challans-Gois with a nice video (1.30min) with the most famous sights in our area. The images change with the music. For those who you that goes too fast here is a summary of our own favorites around us:

0.01 our own Passage du Gois
0.34 Port du Bec
0.56 neighbor Jeremy on his boat in the harbor
1.01 Thierry Odeon in his salt pan in Bouin
1.20 dinner with sunset on the terrace of the Relais du Gois
1.25 Hemko’s favorite; our Passage du Gois with sunset

28 October 2018, end of October 2018

We are late October now and between summer and autumn. On the one hand, it is still fine weather to fish cockles on the Passage du Gois or sea fish with a cross net at the locks and until now not a drop of water in our ditch. On the other hand, the summer flowers in the pots have been replaced by chrysanthemums and the «Raclette season» (cheese meal for the winter) is in full swing again. Last night we put in the evening our heating on for the first time.
We started this past week to prune the hedge around our parking lot. We have also started preparations to tile the pool terrace and Hemko is happy to work with his new saw table. The end result of all three will follow soon. This coming week we will have to work hard to finish it al. We also wish you a nice and productive week!

31 October 2018, testing for table d’hote 2019

We still eat from the freezer the leftovers from the table d’hote this summer, but we are already busy testing recipes for next year! We ate the bagles in this video and they were DELICIOUS and super easy to make with only 220 gr of self-rising flour and 245 g of greek yogurt and a whipped egg over it. We baked 2 with onion and grated cheese on top and 2 with pizza herbs on top. 20 minutes is better than 25 minutes we found. The next time we will mix the dough with some chorizo to see how that tastes and then in the form of a small baquette …. Would you like to give the recipe a try?