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We are in full preparation for the summer. With our neighbor Stéphane we sawed down some trees in the garden, until his chainsaw broke. Many well-known French colorful expressions followed however, those who will not be repeated here. Then, thanks to our neighbors Joel and Claire, we drove 4 truckload full of branches to the waste disposal. The next 4 trips are already planned. Our garden furniture also gets the annual layer of oil. The headboards in the bedrooms of our holiday cottage la Bergerie are now painted. Furthermore, we have our annual team of testers over for our new table d’hote menus for this upcoming summer. Most of the dishes where approved with ease, with the main dish with Confit de Canard as the biggest hit so far; absolutely delicious. The weather is still somewhat unstable around this time of the year. One day wonderful weather for a nice walk and the next day an old-fashioned spring storm. Like every year there is also the running race over the Passage du Gois; this year with a spectacular poster, which we did not want you to miss. We are now on our way again, as there are still enough jobs to finish, so that everyone can enjoy a wonderful holiday with us this summer.

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