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An overview of the various messages we posted on social media in June 2021. Have fun.

7th of June 2021, Update June 2021

How are you?? Everything fine here. Since this week we live in our summer residence. It’s been a bit quieter on our social media lately. We hadn’t realized it in all the hustle and bustle due to our work and immediately change it with a few very diverse photos from yesterday/Sunday. A photo of our well in which the water level has already dropped quite a bit. We had a very dry spring, which meant that sea salt was already being harvested in April. Hemko found a brand new Ajax scarf at a flea market (and some other fun things for our weekly activities). Yesterday Hemko also managed to get a nice picture of a dragonfly in our garden.

10th of June 2021, Bananas in our garden

Do you see the bananas and the flower bud hanging below? We’ve walked past it a hundred times in our garden in the past few weeks without seeing it… and it’s literally at eye level. Can you imagine? Time for new glasses??