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An overview of the various messages we posted on social media in August 2021. Have fun.

3rd of August 2021, UPS van stuck on the Passage du Gois

This morning we heard several sirens passing by. We just had a look at the webcam of the Passage du Gois. Help is nearby so we are sure everything will be fine for the occupants. The car in the seawater is of course a different story….

15th of August 2021, new camera and photo’s of campervans and birds

Please take a look at the beautiful pictures Hemko has taken over the past few weeks. Very different birds in a radius of 25 km from our house. Do you recognize them all?? We sense a new activity coming on for quiet and interested guests, who want to join him in the evening. With his new camera you can zoom in well, so also a photo of a camper with 7 people in it, that got stuck on the Passage du Gois this week. The occupants were rescued by 2 people on jet skis, who took them to a boat.