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A small update from France. We have done many fun things with our guests last week. For the first time this year, we had made an attempt to shrimp fishing, but as the experts know, it is always difficult with western wind. However, everybody liked it and we all caught something (shrimps, crabs, garfish, plaice, etc.). Our Swiss neighbor Sylvia has a very large herb garden, which you can visit. She cultivates for herbal tea, herbs in the kitchen, and makes some ointments. We have been with a number of guests for a tour. We also had some sad news, our Clio, who drove us around for 15 years was town away. The brother in law of our neighbor Stéphane was very pleased with it. This week we also have a new resident, a tree frog, in the parasol of our holiday cottage La Bergerie. He has been sitting in it for almost 4 days, but has travelled on now. Unfortunately, our egg production is not good at Au Passage du Gois. One of the ladies is breeding again and is sitting in the chicken house on her eggs day and night.

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