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(Nederlands) Update februari 2019

(Nederlands) Update februari 2019

An overview of the various messages we posted on social media in February 2019. Have fun.

3 February 2019, St. Jean de Monts

While watching this new film of St Jean de Monts and it surroudings, full of images of favorite places of ours, we feel as if we are in the middle of a lovely summers day.

10 february 2019, results photo contest

The jury for our photo contest of 2018 met this week. Stéphanie ROBARD from the Tourist Office of our municipality Challans-Gois https://www.challansgois-tourisme.fr/ and Claudia LAUMEL from Natur’allemand in Givrand www.facebook.com/naturallemand or her website www.naturallemand.com and has studies all 52 participating photos (10 children and 42 adults) very seriously. For all participants see also https://aupassagedugois.fr/deelnemers-fotowedstrijd-2018/

Judging was not easy, but ultimately the jury has made a choice. In the picture the winner in the middle and the runner ups around it for the adult category. Our warm thanks to all participants! Unfortunately, only one participant can win. For our guests in 2019 new opportunities to win with the theme “Holiday”.

16 February 2019, spring is in the air!

We are enjoying the wonderful weather at this moment! We hope you too. We still have color in the garden, especially our mimosa is in full bloom at the moment, we have already painted outside because of the beautiful weather and we diligently test our evening walks for the coming summer season. We see something different around us every time.

23 february 2019, The largest springtide of the year 2019 in Port du Bec

On Dutch websites we saw this week pictures of the largest full moon of this year (Snow Moon). Those around us, oyster farmers and cockle fishers, will not turn hot or cold from a picture of this moon, but of the fact that it was also the largest springtide of the year. Lots of people on the Passage du Gois of course and the difference between low and high tide was clearly noticeable in Port du Bec, where it was full with oysterfarmer tractors. A coefficient of 115. There are this year only 29 days with a coefficient of over 100. We were so busy with the preparations for the summer season, that we have not even been to the Passage du Gois to fish razorclams.

23 February 2019, Absolutely wonderful sunny weather end of February 2019

We have absolutely wonderful sunny weather at the moment We therefore had a useful week. We painted outside and cleaned walls with the pressure cleaner. Also got some work done on the sewing machine. A test for a new table d’hote dish, worked out a little less succesful. It did not look good and hung together from melted cheese (but nevertheless tasted delicious!). Because of the heat the tree frogs also appear again. We are not the onlyones busy. Even at the dike behind us, they are already progressing pretty good. We are curious about the end result.


Winners photo contest 2018

Winners photo contest 2018

Thank you for your interest in our website about our cottages and bed and breakfast rooms Au Passage du Gois in Beauvoir-sur-Mer in the Vendée, France. Unfortunately, the page you are currently viewing is not yet available, but we already have several other interesting pages about all the sites you can visit and all the things that you can do in our lovely area:


The lovely harbour town Pornic is in Breton style and at only 30 km from us. Read more


With its 240 kilometres long coastline, of which 140 kilometres are fine sandy beaches, the Vendée is one of the best holiday-regions of France. Read more


Discover the versatile island of Noirmoutier at only 5 km with low tide and otherwise always accessible via a bridge. Read more


We have made an overview of the most beautiful beaches in our area. Read more

Update January 2019

Update January 2019

An overview of the various messages we posted on social media in January 2019. Have fun.

6 January 2019, newsletter 2018


Happy New Year!!! We hope you have fond memories of 2018 and have started out well in 2019. We just put our 2018 newsletter on our website. We hope you will enjoy reading it via this link:


We are already looking forward to all that is to come in 2019. Hopefully you too.

Kind regards,

Hemko & Martine

9 januari 2019, dolphin saved

Lifeguards helped today, Wednesday January 9, on the Passage du Gois to save a dolphin that was stuck there due to ebb. The mammal (2m female) has now been released safe and sound around 11.30 am in the port of Herbaudière on the island of Noirmoutier. The intervention lasted almost 4 hours.

See our local newspaper the ouest-france…


13 January 2019, the photos for the photo contest

We managaged ! We have just put all 52 very nice and very varied photos for our 2018 photo contest on our website. A total of 10 children who participated and 42 adults.
Our jury will not have an easy task ………..
We will keep all participants informed.
We wish you a very nice Sunday.


17 January 2019, #10yearchallange

Today we participate in the #10YearsChallenge and you? A picture says more than a 1000 words!

19 January 2019, update beginning of January 2019

Did you start out well in the New Year? We really have nothing to complain about. On 1st January we were sitting in the sun on a terrace on the coast. After that our sleeves were rolled up again, because we are open all year round. In addition we have worked on our newsletters, photo contest and a lot of administration, now that a new year has started. We have bought a nice black couch for our studio la Maree and beautiful underplates for the table d’hote this summer. Occasionally we were distracted with “visits”. There are a lot of animals scraping around here. Our chickens, for example, had a visit from the rooster (with chickens) of our neighbors and even some deer walk around here. Apparently they do not mind all the noise while they are raising the dikes at Port du Bec. Many thanks to all our guests who have given us such good reviews! That is why we are starting out very merry with our new season!


Our photo contest 2018 theme “Nature”

Our photo contest 2018 theme “Nature”

Our photo contest 2018 theme “Nature”

As we see each year so many nice holiday photos of our guests, we have started a photo contest for the first time in 2014. The theme for 2018 was “Nature” and everyone who stayed with us between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018 was kindly invited to participate in our photo contest. All guests were free to photograph what he or she wanted, as long as nature (in any form on land, in the sea or in the air) was on the picture and the picture was taken in the Vendée or in a radius of 100 km around us. A maximum of 1 photo per person.

As we can see below, we have received 52 beautiful and very varied photos. A total of 10 children’s submissions (up to 17 years) and 42 adults.

We have an independent jury that knows our region well, as well as taking photos and / or being able to judge:

Stéphanie ROBARD from the Tourist Office of our municipality Challans-Gois https://www.challansgois-tourisme.fr/

Claudia LAUMEL from Natur’allemand in Givrand www.facebook.com/naturallemand or her website www.naturallemand.com

The jury will meet on 6th February 2019. We are very curious to kwow the winners. For the 2 winners there is a choice of enlarging the winning photo or a package of tasty things from our area.

The photos below are internet quality because of the loading of the photos on our site. Our jury will get to see the original photo that is self-evidently in higher quality.













Update December 2018

Update December 2018

An overview of the various messages we posted on social media in December 2018. Have fun.

2 December 2018, photo contest 2018

We have already received over 30 beautiful nature photos for our photo contest this year (participation by guests staying with us between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018). Who will be the next contributor? We patiently waiting for your contribution ….

20 December 2018, instagram

Recently we did a webinar about Instagram. It was fun and educational as well. We have the good intention to put frequently photos on our account in 2019. So keep an eye on us!


25 December 2018

Happy holidays!! In the Netherlands each year an election is held for the best 2000 popsongs ever. Broadcasting starts 25th Dec. and number 1 is played 31st December just befere mid-night. There are this year 12 songs in French. Do you know them all? https://www.nporadio2.nl/top2000
200 Stromae – Formidable (2013)
217 Jacques Brel – Ne me quitte pas (1965)
313 Michel Fugain – Une belle histoire (1972)
517 Stromae – Papaoutai (2013)
1137 Stromae – Alors on danse (2010)
1176 Poppys – Non, non, rien n’a changé (1971)
1305 Patrick Bruel – Casser la voix (1992)
1439 Gilbert Becaud – Nathalie (1964)
1443 Michel Sardou – Les lacs du Connemara (1982)
1452 Stomae – Tous les memes (2013)
(1460 Jean Michelle Jarre – Oxygene IV (1977))
1599 Grace Jones – La vie en Rose (1977)
1728 Jacques Brel – Voir un ami pleurer (1961)


Update November 2018

Update November 2018

An overview of the various messages we posted on social media in November 2018. Have fun.

4 november 2018, DIY and DIY and some more DIY in November 2018

This week still very nice weather, so we did some DIY and DIY and some more DIY😉 Our hedge around our parking had grown a meter in some places since April, but now looks everywhere (thanks to some help) nice and tidy again. We have been to the hardware store in Nantes and also “tiles” slowly appear on the terrace near our swimming pool.
The photos for our photo contest start to trickle in more and more. Soon an overview. This years customers send in their photo until December 31st, 2018 … ..We are now rolling up our sleeves and are putting on our work clothes again and we’ll stall today all the wooden garden furniture inside in our summer kitchen.

8 November 2018, petition for the improvement of the cycle paths

We hope you want to sign the petition for the improvement of the cycle paths between Beauvoir-sur-Mer and Barre-de-Monts. Thank you very much for the effort!


17 November 2018, Full action mid-November 2018 at Au Passage du Gois

We managed to squeeze all our wooden garden furniture in our summer kitchen. We are sitting nice and warm inside, because friend and colleague Jean helped this week with the installation of a total of 5 new heaters in le Sable, La Maree and la Plage. There is also a new gate, so our entrance looks nice and tight again! Also serious occasions in our area. November 11, the 100th anniversary of the end of the first World War and today of course strikes all over France. In our village we only saw some people with a yellow waistcoat on their dashboard, but in Challans (20 km) it is completely blocked today. We thus do unfortunately not have any guests this weekend but therefore we use this weekend to prune in the garden etc without the risk of bothering anyone.

30 November 2018, Alexandre Couillon

Alexandre Couillon, the chef of the restaurant la Marine on the island of Noirmoutier, which is on our coast, is since this week part of the top 10 of best chefs in the world, according to an election among international chefs. Of course we do not post a boring newspaper article about this, but a film from someone who has put his entire menu that he / she ate in the restaurant on Youtube. Looks delicious and mostly with products from our area. What do you think, fancy eating there??